Yes, these are real spiderwebs.

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Sky Sailing

Life is temporary. Each moment in every situation is unique, never to be replicated. Like life, spiderwebs exhibit the temporal beauty of a unique moment.

The Joyful Shout!

These webs are frozen in time, for all time. Captured in wax and acrylic, these poetic structures take on new life.

Jason's Web

Once captured, each web develops its own character and tell its own story.

Dorothy's Web

I first became infatuated with spiderwebs when I woke up one morning with several large spider bites on my legs. It was then that I noticed all the webs of many spiders in our gardens, huge webs with big spiders in them.


Working with spiders has taught me a lot about their nature and the best ways to interact with them.


A spider will leave a location if disturbed too often. By trapping live insects and placing them on webs I wasn’t going to use, I hoped to give something back to the spiders and replenish the energy they expended making webs.

Silver Lining

Happy spiders will stay put and continue to make webs in the same location, yet each web only lasts a day or two before the elements tear it apart so I need to work quickly.


The largest webs I've worked with have been about two feet in diameter.

Light Web

The smallest have been only two inches.

Dark Web