PaintDragon Newsletter


January: Change


December: Art = Gift

November: Artist Spotlight - Don Eccleston

October: Ghost Story

September: Free Art Events

August: How to look at art

July: Battle of the Sexes

June: Whittle While You Work

May: Open House!

April: Earthly Delights and new work

March: New Digs

February: I feel safe when...

January: The Lifeguard


December: Make Someone Merry!

November: Adventure Bound!

October: Spiderweb Season

September: Istanbul, Not Constantinople

August: Best Intentions

July: Bulgaria Bound!

June: Performance Art at Creatinova

May: Tips for buying art

April: Hello, Dalí...and Kahlo!

March: Time for Change!

February: Blacklight Garden Party

January: The New Year is Ringing!


December: PaintDragon on YouTube

November: Machu Picchu and Current Exhibitions

October: Otherly Lingual

September: Dust & Film

August: Movie Magic

July: Moving!

June: Sneak Peek

May: Spring into FUN!

April: Call to Artists & Masquerade Ball

March: Dress to Impress

February: Fire & Honor

January: New Beginnings & Past Accomplishments


December: PaintDragon Studio Grand Opening!

November: Decking the Halls

October: Castles, Towers, and Palaces

September: Days of Labor

August: Valhalla Rising

July: More Than Art

June: Carnival, Hold the Ice

May: Call to Artists!

April: Affirmation in Numbers

March: Gratitude, Mountains and Architecture

February: Art Installation 101

January: FUN for FREE


December: How to Have Fun

November: Burn, baby, burn!

October: LNVA Final Exhibition

September: Additions, not subtractions

August: Migration: Within & Without

July: TOGA!

June: What's Up for June

May: Summer is Coming!

April: Begin at the Beginning

March: Call to Artists

February: Interviews

January: The Ice Carnival Rides Again!