PaintDragon in the desert

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One-piece outfit with hood and dust wrap
Photos by Tralayne Saporita

Two-piece outfit with hat and dust wrap
Photos by Tralayne Saporita

I attended Burning Man in 2010 and the theme that year was Metropolis. Being of Bau Hausian mind, I decided to design and craft everything that I would need for my stay in the artsy desert.

After researching the climate in Black Rock Desert, Nevada (120 degrees, savage dust storms, and winds up to 70 mph) I made highly functional and environmentally appropriate garments that were wildly successful as wearable art. My inspiration was "PaintDragon In the Desert" and the outfits were made entirely from vintage Sears kitchen curtains, which also made them free.

I also needed a place to stay, so I built a 1V geodesic dome out of bamboo I harvested from my friend’s forest. Outfitted with a hammock and a subzero sleeping bag, it was the coziest place on the playa, and a welcome refuge when I needed to rest.