Cozy Oysterman's Cottage

When Nathalie Bonafé decided to host an Airbnb in New Haven, she called Hannum to help her ready the Oysterman's cottage for visitors.
Photos by Gerry Wenner

Since Bonafé already had some of the furniture, Hannum's job was to create a cozy layout and accessorize with all the things a renter would need.

Bonafe Living Room

At the initial meeting Hannum measured all of the spaces and spoke with Bonafé about her goals for the cottage. With only two weeks until the first guests arrived they had to work fast.

Bonafe Master Bedroom

The short timeline allowed Hannum to focus on ready-made items. After buying a large selection of pieces for Bonafé, they shopped together at a nearby antique store for the final touches.

Bonafe Dining Room

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