Chasing Paper

Double click to start and pause the video on left, still is on right.

Chasing Paper was an image that came to me when talking to colleagues about the economic structure of our country. It also speaks of how I often feel as a student/working professional/citizen; always looking for the next degree/certification/dollar. I find it very telling of our society that for a fee, say $150, you can become a liscensed contractor. This does not mean that you have any qualifications beyond having $150 to spend on a piece of paper, but to the public it appears as if you are now qualified to make very important decisions about their homes. Frightening. There are many devices in place like this, including the belief that to be an artist you need a degree in art. Equally frightening. I'm not completely discounting our socio-economic constructs, but I am calling our system of measuring qualifications into question.

Because of the content I wanted to use very disposable and crude materials. Cardboard works perfectly to express the concept of expendability. The rest of the piece is fairly self-explanitory as is evident in the video, but seeing it first hand is always the best way to view sculpture.