Amy 4 Prez: The Barely Legal Campaign

The best way to celebrate turning 35.

There are many birthdays of significance but their frequency dwindles as we age. I sought a birthday before forty to celebrate since I had already turned thirty and came up with thirty-five, the age at which you can run for presidency in the United States of America.

Running for president is something I knew would make a great performance piece, and luckily I would be 35 by january 2009, so I figured out a platform, researched the process, and announced my candidacy at the Dutch Tavern during George W. Bush’s last State of the Union address.

On January 31st, 2007 I held my first press conference at the Oasis after doing a few songs with my hip-hop band Frequency Activism as an intro. While answering questions I handed out buttons with the campaign slogan “Barely Legal” on them and prepared for the most grueling endeavor, getting signatures. At the Hygienic Gallery’s annual show, which also opened on January 31, 2007, I displayed my platform, some buttons for taking, a large sign with my campaign logo and a petition for signatures. Over 200 signatures were obtained, not enough to get on the ballot, but a good start.

The whole project involved the campaign announcement, 2 press conferences, a concert with Frequency Activism, advertising, filing paperwork with the city and state, a MySpace site (, and some canvassing for more signatures.

Ultimately I did not have enough signatures to get on the ballot but several people did write me in. There were many videos made of the performances which all seem to have vanished mysteriously except for this one at the Oasis with horrible sound quality. You are welcome to check it out anyway.