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Interior Design
"I was running short of time and steam, and needed help designing the inside of a historic oysterman's cottage, for our new Airbnb project. I had never worked with an interior designer before, so when my husband, who spent his career in theater, suggested we call Amy, I went with the flow, although a bit wary.

Amy was a delight to work with: She brought pragmatism, methods and art to the project. After listening to my thoughts, she methodically assessed the space and the elements already available. She pieced everything together very elegantly, with simple touches. I particularly enjoyed her professionalism, her communication skills and her calming, warm and enthusiastic personality. It was a challenging project for me, and she made it fun.

My husband and I would definitively hire Amy again and certainly recommend her to anyone who wishes to transform any space and work with a genuinely creative collaborator." — Nathalie Bonafé

"Amy Hannum listens to her inner creative spirit which leads her to take risks with her art conceptually as well as with her unique choice of materials. Her pieces are alive and thoughtful, expressing both her values and view of the world. She is also a gallery director's dream to work with." — Barbara Nair, Gallery Director, Spectrum Gallery, Centerbrook, CT

"...it is rare for an artist to have such a wide repertoire and depth and all of it very good." Hannum is "...a very accomplished, and gifted artist. I am always impressed by artists like [her], who use multiple and diverse media to create their pieces." — Cariappa Annaiah, Artist

Hannum's work is "...striking, original, fresh and profound on so many different levels. " — Eric Evenson, Philosopher